Remembering Bryah Gifford

Bryah Gifford

It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of Bryah Gifford. She was a beloved friend and family member to many, and her death leaves a hole in our hearts. Here, we take time to remember her life and share her story.

Bryah Gifford was born

Bryah Gifford was born on June 10th, 1997 to Joy and Peter Gifford in San Diego, California. She was an only child who was raised in the suburbs of San Diego. From a young age, Bryah had a passion for music and the arts; she could often be found singing or playing guitar with her friends on weekends. As she grew older, her love for music continued to blossom as she attended shows frequently with friends and started writing her own songs.

  Bryah also had an adventurous spirit that led her to travel across the United States and Europe throughout college. During one summer between semesters at UC Berkeley, Bryah spent two months exploring European cities with friends. She wrote numerous blog posts about her travels which were read by family members back home who were enthralled by the stories of adventure she shared during her trip abroad.

Bryan’s infectious energy touched the lives of all those around her; she left behind a legacy of joy wherever she went. Even after facing difficult challenges over the years, she remained resilient and hopeful for what was ahead for her future—a future tragically cut short due to cancer when Bryah passed away at 22 years old on April 5th 2020. 

  In lieu of flowers or other gifts, please consider donating to Cancer Research Institute in honor of Bryan’s memory as we continue to fight this horrible disease that has taken so many lives too soon from us all.


Conclusion: We will always remember the life of our beloved friend and family member—the way she lit up every room with her contagious laughter, Bryah Gifford how she could always make you smile even when times were tough, and how much love surrounded everything she did whether it be hanging out with friends or spending time in nature while listening to music. Her passionate spirit will live on forever in our hearts as we cherish these memories forevermore. Rest in peace, Bryah Gifford—you are dearly missed but never forgotten!

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